Even though I remained a virgin into my early twenties, my sexuality and self exploration blossomed early. My drive has always been high and my love of all things sexual, intense. Struggling with fulfillment in the early years of my marriage, I found a fantastic escape by delving into the virtual world and phone sex.

With friends' encouragement and armed with a vivid imagination, multiple orgasms, and a 'slight' case of exhibitionism, I posted my first erotic audio online in 2010. I was not prepared for the response! It was both a thrill and a shock, and although I may be biased, I have the best listeners around. They've been wonderfully supportive and encouraging! It's been a lot of fun and has grown into an entrepreneurial venture with the sale of audios and being available for fantasy exploration via phone.

I can be found at Tumblr-FunluvinAJ